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  • DIY-Marketing #2: Can Artists Be Creative?

    Is this provocative to ask? Well, yes. No. Depends on. Nobody has the skills to be creative in every field. Or is there a sculptor in your band who is perfect in weaving tapestries, writing scripts for plays at the Old Vic, and at the same time artfully handling his stock shares himself and piling up his riches at the Caimans?

  • Wolfram Huschke: Transcription of Interview, Pt. 1/5 (Music)

    I wasn’t surprised at all to see Wolfram Huschke grab his Cello while I set up my MacBook. As you will see, he does not let the instrument go for one second during the interview. It doesn’t fit in terms of seriousness but I can’t help thinking of a ventriloquist with his puppet. They both are one. It is one voice that talks to you.