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  • Blockchain based streaming

    New Blockchain Based Streaming Service — and It’s Owned By Its Artists

    Resonate is a highly interesting and upcoming streaming service based on a blockchain architecture. It might have the potential for a revolution in streaming on multiple levels because it is not just based on a scalable and performant blockchain database. It is a co-operative, co-owned by artists, labels and fans alike. Plus, it is pay-as-you-go. No subscriptions. No ads.

  • Rewiring streaming architecture

    Rewiring Streaming Architecture: Tearing the Heart Out

    From a business point of view I know the obvious failures in streaming are intended to generate mass appeal. In the long term though, you won’t reach the niche audiences in the Long Tail. It is about time to rewire streaming architecture. This must go go right down to the core. Because there is one issue with streaming that doesn’t get the attention it deserves, and it’s more serious than you think. The solution however is more overwhelming than you ever dared to hope. The core of the problem is the catalogue.

  • Music distribution as we know it is dead - vinyl isn't.

    Music Distribution Is Dead. What Is To Come?

    The days before, I read some interesting numbers on revenues from synchronisation. It is on the rise. Now set these numbers in relation to streaming. It tells a lot about music distribution. Actually, for some time now I am wondering what the next music distribution technology might be. Or what it may look like. There have been music…

  • How Artists Can Regain Control In the Post-Streaming Age

    With the streaming debate on business models and payment to artists still causing emotions to rise I am missing visionary ideas and elaborate discussions about something else: Which technology is following in the footsteps of streaming? Actually, this topic turns out to be a more than interesting one. It’s crucial to artists. Chances are the next generation of music distribution can help artists regain control over their creative output. If you want to hear more, read on and vote for my session to be included at SXSW 2016.

  • How Facebook Can Change Music Business by Streaming

    As Micah Singleton on The Verge reveals, Facebook supposedly is talking to music labels. As in major labels, that is. Key question is: What can we expect? What is it that Facebook is working on? The straightforward assumption is that it might be about (yet another) streaming service. Micah Singleton is right when he doesn’t buy into this assumption. The Verge’s sources are talking of the approach as being “unique”.