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  • The Missing Link In Connect-with-Fans

    There are some issues about connect-with-fans strategies which are hard to solve: authenticity, marketing, creativity. There’s more like timing, choice of tools, the transition from connect-with-fans to reason-to-buy. But, just recently, I realised that there is another one. It is a crucial gap. It is what keeps DIY artists from managing the next step towards future technologies and therefore, towards new business models.

  • Artists Can’t Maintain A Good Relationship With Fans – Or Can They? But how?

    Studying my reader this morning, there was a post at hypebot, leading me to a blog on Seattle Weekly written by John Roderick, singer for The Long Winters: “They Love You First. They Book You Shows. It Gets Complicated”. It’s about the artist/fan relationship. Does that ring a bell? Yep, in the comments to my “Ads vs. flattr” posts I mentioned another article coming up on that issue.

  • DIY-Marketing #3: Georgia Wonder Serving Fresh Ideas in Reducing Recording Cost

    Georgia Wonder is Stephanie Grant from London and Julian Moore from Portsmouth. We got to know each other via Andrew Dubber’s blog and Twitter. You’re searching for a pop/rock/folk band serving beautiful tunes and a brilliant female voice – buy their tracks. You can even choose if and how much to pay for downloads. Or you may order a physical copy.

  • Music Business: Lessons In Free Strategies From Other Industries (Pt. 2)

    First of all, don’t moan how much you have to pay. Others share your problem as you can see. It’s only the dimensions which are different. Btw, any software company is working on several projects simultaneously. Otherwise the risk of failed sales negotiations is too high. Secondly, clever companies selling high quality can find people willing to invest.

  • DIY-Marketing #2: Can Artists Be Creative?

    Is this provocative to ask? Well, yes. No. Depends on. Nobody has the skills to be creative in every field. Or is there a sculptor in your band who is perfect in weaving tapestries, writing scripts for plays at the Old Vic, and at the same time artfully handling his stock shares himself and piling up his riches at the Caimans?

  • Trent Reznor Explains Online Music Business

    Reznor’s point is straight forward and easy to understand. Bottom line is, master music & online tools, work hard, deliver something good – and sell something unique other than music. Because you can’t rely on selling (recorded) music in itself. Music is ubiquitous. And it’s free. Cash is about extras.

  • Cellonaut: On Music Industry, Self-Marketing, Financing 2.0, and Free Content

    Part 4 of the interview includes Wolfram Huschke’s answers concerning music industry, self-marketing as an artist, and the issues of financing 2.0. Aspects of the latter in particular are crowdsourcing and services like bandstocks.com.

  • Mike Masnick: Trent Reznor Paving Way for Future’s Music Business

    At this year’s Midem, Mike Masnick from Techdirt gave a presentation focused on how Trent Reznor/NIN is doing music business. It is worthwhile watching the video. Masnick’s accompanying article can be found here. You will find additional comments there. Unsurprisingly, there are some issues mentioned which might be familiar if you read my previous articles on here.

  • Dubber on Music for Free

    What remains to be a constant in music business? There’s the product, which includes performance & composition. It’s the artists, or more generally speaking, the creative bunch. On the other side of the story we’ve got the consumer. Then there’s kind of a middleware – let’s call it the platform of distribution, no matter how many third party companies are involved (if any).