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  • A honeycomb inside: home for workers. A perfect picture of the network structure one can rely on when hiring freelancers.

    Hiring Freelancers by a Freelancers’ Network

    Freelancers are a flexible solution to extend your team. But how to find the one that matches your demand? In particular, what about quality? A network of trusted freelancers helps in hiring freelancers. Once you are satisfied with one member you can be quite sure to be satisfied with the others.

  • One Stop, All Screens: Songpier Launches Comprehensive Solution For Facebook, Desktop And Mobile

    Press release: Starting today, Songpier offers a unique promotion platform for artists covering all screens. Based on Songpier’s web apps, artists and labels alike are now able to build high quality, glossy presentation kits for Facebook, desktop, tablet computers and smartphones at the same time. Build once, cover all on-the-go.

  • The Missing Link In Connect-with-Fans

    There are some issues about connect-with-fans strategies which are hard to solve: authenticity, marketing, creativity. There’s more like timing, choice of tools, the transition from connect-with-fans to reason-to-buy. But, just recently, I realised that there is another one. It is a crucial gap. It is what keeps DIY artists from managing the next step towards future technologies and therefore, towards new business models.

  • Upcoming topics in music, copyright & marketing at ContentSphere

    Having conceptualised a good part of Berlin music conference all2gethernow’s discussion topics, I suddenly find myself with heaps of thoughts and content not published on ContentSphere. It just would be a shame to not make use of it. These topics are dealing with issues and they are raising questions. I contributed them to a2n because of their relevance in today’s music business.

  • all2gethernow: Documentation is here.

    Finally. Editing of videos, compiling all material and statements took more time than expected. But it’s – almost – done. Unfortunately, most statements are available in German only. Yet some of the sessions were held in English. One video I’m sure you will enjoy: Amanda Palmer live at Münze Berlin (almost 80 minutes).

  • Do We Need Music Conferences?

    Music Conferences provide numerous possibilities to make business, network and discuss with your colleagues, share knowledge with your peers and discover new talents and industry trends – so they say. But do Music Conferences really provide added value and do they fulfill what they promise? What are the reasons for the increasing amount of conferences all over Europe?

  • Introducing “Cellonaut” Wolfram Huschke: Music Online Connects

    He toured USA, South Africa and Europe and eventually charted in Belgium and Greece. Huschke supported Westernhagen, one of Germany’s most acknowledged and successful rock acts during tour playing stadiums like Munich Olympic Stadium. Also, he collaborated with Peter Hamill and Marianne Faithfull on the Huschke solo album “Alien Diary” which was produced by Hector Zazou.

  • Sing Me Any Song By Pete Doherty – Can You? (Gig Review)

    I didn’t quite know what to expect when buying my ticket. I had the Babyshambles’ Down In Albion and Shotter’s Nation playing on iTunes every now and then. The ska/reggae bits I don’t like that much, otherwise I was pleased (and curious) enough to check him out.

  • Popkomm’s arising: Dubber – Music, Culture, and an Industry Stifling Its Future

    Andrew Dubber just recently pitched a topic to Popkomm – “Music As Culture”. If you read the outline of this hopefully upcoming speech at New Music Strategies, you might recognise a bit of Lawrence Lessig’s “Free Culture”. We’ve seen the USA extending copyright terms, and European countries suggesting to do so. Just yesterday, the European parliament voted in favour of a prolongation.

  • GEMA vs. Jamendo et al. – Get Money for Nothing

    You will remember my article on music distribution platform Jamendo going with Creative Commons. Today, I just read news from a week ago that they are about to integrate a new search tool. It supports promoters, agencies, movie makers and game manufacturers by providing search categories like mood, occasion, genre and language. Business customers of Jamendo who would like to make commercial use of tracks offered can purchase licenses within Jamendo PRO.