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  • all2gethernow 2010 wants your feedback!

    The full programme featuring seven theme tracks can still be found online. We are working on the documentation right now and got some marvellous feedback. Taking place for the second year now, the Berlin music conference has changed its face in many ways. There are some issues to work on, some new concepts to keep, and a few ideas from 2009 which should be revived.

  • Mike Masnick: Business Fixed Extended Mix – Reznor v2.0

    Earlier in March, I mentioned Michael Masnick was about to hold a keynote presentation at Leadership Music Digital Summit 2009 in Nashville. He announced to update the case study on Trent Reznor (= Nine Inch Nails) he presented at Midem, which was simply brilliant. So the expectation of extending a presentation of this quality requires full attention.

  • Keep Culture Safe – Don’t You Dare to Touch It!

    Michael Masnick had me checking out Richard Smith’s article on the issue of extending copyright. Richard Smith from London’s Guardian features the book “Public Domain: Enclosing the Commons of the Mind” (free download under CreativeCommons license) by James Boyle, professor of law at Duke Law School, North Carolina. The books’ core statement is that “the world has made a colossal cultural mistake that shames our generation”.

  • Masnick on Reznor at Leadership Music Digital Summit 2009

    Don’t miss the chance to witness an updated version of his Trent Reznor case study. Yes, Trent did it again. Michael intends to refer to the latest online activities by Nine Inch Nails which started just two days ago at Twitter. Luckily enough, I just started running twhirl when Trent came up.