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  • Artists Can’t Maintain A Good Relationship With Fans – Or Can They? But how?

    Studying my reader this morning, there was a post at hypebot, leading me to a blog on Seattle Weekly written by John Roderick, singer for The Long Winters: “They Love You First. They Book You Shows. It Gets Complicated”. It’s about the artist/fan relationship. Does that ring a bell? Yep, in the comments to my “Ads vs. flattr” posts I mentioned another article coming up on that issue.

  • Zoe.LeelA – Lush Electronic Soul From Berlin

    Sometimes, things simply happen. There are a few coincidental moments which start a whole chain of terrific encounters. Now, if this leads to discovering new music, it gets a full-fledged Mike-Masnick-“connect with fans” experience. Somewhat surreal, yet very real. That’s how I met Zoe.Leela – and her music.