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  • A honeycomb inside: home for workers. A perfect picture of the network structure one can rely on when hiring freelancers.

    Hiring Freelancers by a Freelancers’ Network

    Freelancers are a flexible solution to extend your team. But how to find the one that matches your demand? In particular, what about quality? A network of trusted freelancers helps in hiring freelancers. Once you are satisfied with one member you can be quite sure to be satisfied with the others.

  • Upcoming topics in music, copyright & marketing at ContentSphere

    Having conceptualised a good part of Berlin music conference all2gethernow’s discussion topics, I suddenly find myself with heaps of thoughts and content not published on ContentSphere. It just would be a shame to not make use of it. These topics are dealing with issues and they are raising questions. I contributed them to a2n because of their relevance in today’s music business.

  • Germany’s GEMA: Resistance is (not) futile

    There’s something going on in Germany. We already had our share of GEMA within the past few weeks (see Rapidshare and Jamendo). Read about it at ContentSphere, or do it over at TechDirt. GEMA, Germany’s only collections society, still is surprisingly entertaining (if you’re into cynism). But, there’s some uprising fresh breeze, and it’s coming from Germany’s most southward located town: Sonthofen.

  • Masnick on Reznor at Leadership Music Digital Summit 2009

    Don’t miss the chance to witness an updated version of his Trent Reznor case study. Yes, Trent did it again. Michael intends to refer to the latest online activities by Nine Inch Nails which started just two days ago at Twitter. Luckily enough, I just started running twhirl when Trent came up.