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  • Free Music Archive Hosts all2gethernow Compilation of Creative Commons Music

    I told you, we soon would change the main host for the files – due to GEMA (Germany’s collecting society). Hosting the files myself would make my blog a shop – even if the download’s for free. Plus I would have to report the hosting to GEMA, despite the fact it’s all Creative Commons music. It’s crazy but it’s a fact. And here we are!

  • all2gethernow 2010: Out Now – Free Sampler With Creative Commons Licensed Music

    For all2gethernow 2010 (a2n), I contacted a few guys from the German netlabel community plus some artists and teamed up compiling this sampler. It includes various styles of music, from electronics to singer/songwriter stuff. But, you should take a listen for yourself. It’s a treat.

  • Recommended Music: “Ambient Circle” (Germany)

    Ambient Circle is a collective of various participants located in Germany’s North-Rhine area. Every now and then, they get together to play electronic music sessions. They are entirely focused on electronic ambient music, and it’s just twelve sessions they did so far. This includes public and private sessions. Here’s an intro to their music.

  • Excuse Me, What Again Is It I Should Pay For?

    Michael Masnick revisits the shutting down of SpiralFrog: However a new idea in online music business gets hailed, there still is at least one predominant reason for failure. To succeed, you have to offer more than what you can get for free using bit torrents. You need real added value. It’s what Masnick calls the “reason to buy”.

  • Can artists make a living without ASCAP et al.? Jamendo says: “Yes!”

    Jamendo is the world’s first B2C music download service offering all tunes under the Creative Commons license. At least that is Jamendo’s claim. Also, I do not know about any other one either. If there are small ones or large ones out there handling their business that way – please contact me. I really would be interested in your experience.

  • Dubber on Music for Free

    What remains to be a constant in music business? There’s the product, which includes performance & composition. It’s the artists, or more generally speaking, the creative bunch. On the other side of the story we’ve got the consumer. Then there’s kind of a middleware – let’s call it the platform of distribution, no matter how many third party companies are involved (if any).