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  • Why Jay Frank (FutureHit.DNA/CMT) Fails: It’s Longevity That Artists Need, Not Chart Success

    Today I stumbled into Kyle Bylin’s interview with Jay Frank of Futurehit.DNA and CMT (a division of MTV Networks) at hypebot. You can download Jay’s new book “FutureHit.DNA – How The Digital Revolution Is Changing Top 10 Songs” for free on his site. There are some claims of his that I do not necessarily agree to in the way Jay puts it. It’s a bit of context that’s missing.

  • all2gethernow at Berlin – a Review (albeit from inside) #a2n

    The concept was to create an event for the creative people. For consumers. For social media geeks. For IT people. For anyone whose interested in discussing the changes in music and culture. It was intended to be a convention for anyone to collectively work on the current situation – all2gethernow. It’s great to get people from different sides talking to each other.

  • Amanda Palmer: “I’m a weirdo…” #a2n

    It’s been surely bizarre: Imagine the almost naked architecture of an industrial building’s hall from 75 years ago, and a vaudeville figurine in lingerie playing her ukulele right below the ceiling up on an open stair. With a quiet yet growing voice she started. No mic at all. Not that she was in need of one: “I’m a creep… I’m a weirdo…”

  • all2gethernow: Amanda Palmer’s going for it again – at Berlin! #afp #a2n

    Here’s the latest & hottest & absolutely stunning terrific update on all2gethernow: None other than Amanda Palmer, legend of DIY marketing comparable only to Trent Reznor, is coming to all2gethernow. We are in an absolute frenzy she’s willing to do a Q&A session as well as a one-off gig. A kind of impromptu one. True AFP style.