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  • DIY-Marketing #1: Amanda Palmer’s Basics in Donations

    I intended to start out with suggestions in DIY marketing for artists today. Then Amanda Palmer posted her response to the feedback her posting on donations generated. Read her response. It is essential and the basics to everything I can tell you. Some of it she already mentioned at Berlin’s all2gethernow. For all those who don’t have the time I’m going to highlight some parts.

  • GEMA vs. Jamendo et al. – Get Money for Nothing

    You will remember my article on music distribution platform Jamendo going with Creative Commons. Today, I just read news from a week ago that they are about to integrate a new search tool. It supports promoters, agencies, movie makers and game manufacturers by providing search categories like mood, occasion, genre and language. Business customers of Jamendo who would like to make commercial use of tracks offered can purchase licenses within Jamendo PRO.