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  • More Colour To Be Added To BBC’s Project Canvas

    On 4 June, BBC Trust provided its conclusion following the first phase of consultation on Project Canvas, BBC’s joint venture with ITV and BT. Trust issued a statement that the decision on the future Project Canvas will be delayed. Hence, one issue objected by several stakeholders has been adjusted. According to the tight time schedule, the final decision was to be published on 24 July.

  • BBC & Project Canvas: Will the Digital Revolution Be Televised?

    By the end of February, we had to say goodbye to BBC’s joint venture Project Kangaroo which involved ITV and Channel 4. The Competition Commission’s decision set an end to mutual plans. One obvious alternative even entered the scene before and rose to fame right afterwards: Project Canvas. BBC was about to be joined by ITV (again) and ISP British Telecom. They envisioned an open video video-on-demand solution.

  • Dr William Cooper, CEO informitv, on Challenges in Television Industry

    Today’s informitv newsletter is concluded by a comment by Dr William Cooper, CEO informitv, addressing current issues. It’s a brilliant one. Unfortunately, I can’t find it anywhere on their site (“resource not found”). So here it is, straight from the newsletter…

  • ARD/ZDF – The Journey Is the Reward: 12. RÄStV

    I intended to compare Germany’s public service broadcasters current position and those of British PBS. There had been the turndown of “Project Kangaroo”, the BBC’s joint venture with ITV and Channel 4. In Germany, on the other hand, the bill much debated for defining the legal foundations to PBS online integration had been signed. Having a closer look, each one’s perspective on the bill whether affected or not, reveals some astonishing aspects.

  • BBC: R.I.P. Project Kangaroo – Along Comes Open VoD

    4th February 2009 saw a sudden death to promising Project Kangaroo, the BBC’s joint venture project in digital distribution along with partners ITV and Channel 4. Regulation had been expected, maybe a halt due to various reasons but certainly not the one issued by Britain’s Competition Commission.