cultural commons collecting society.

Cooperative Society. 02/2010 - 04/2015.

The C3S is rethinking collective management. The project of the Cultural Commons Collecting Society started out to improve the financial situation for non-established artists. Most of us at some time had been or still are musicians. Moreover, the whole team of C3S SCE is tech savvy. In 2010, from our perspective it was clear that implementing entirely digital licensing workflows would be more efficient and more fair towards artists than traditional approaches. 5 years later, the concept became mainstream with Kobalt’s AMRA.

All across Germany and other European countries, artists and users alike were unsatisfied with existing collecting societies. Many people moaned, and most didn’t act. That is why we decided to take the bold step forward by founding a European Cooperative Society (SCE).

The implementation phase of C3S SCE started after two highly successful crowdfundings supported by the Federal State of North-Rhine Westphalia. Although, for a goal like ours the funding was just a drop in a bucket.

For the foundation, we were joined by artists like Dr. Motte, Zoe.Leela, Danny Bruder, Singvøgel and singer/songwriter Roxanne de Bastion (FAC) as founding members. More supporting artists included Bruno Kramm (Das Ich) and Luci van Org (Üebermutter, Lucilectric, Meystersinger).


  • initiator
  • founder
  • executive director
  • member of administrative board


  • business development
  • marketing
  • partner management
  • crowdfunding
  • funds management


  • gaining more than 900 members in first two years
  • developing prototype for part of workflow
  • raising public awareness for independent musicians and Creative Commons
  • causing impact on German collecting society GEMA
  • international partnerships and presentations
  • receiving 185.000 € from founders and two crowdfundings within 6 months
  • supported by additional EU/NRW grants



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