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    Collection Societies: The Scent of Descent and Decay

    The news of Deadmau5 joining Kobalt once more has shown the attractivity and strength of Kobalt. Trent Reznor, Dave Grohl, Paul McCartney, Skrillex, Lionel Richie. All of them are with Kobalt now. But actually, there’s much more to it. Kobalt is the first player to change the music licensing business in a groundbreaking way. In a bold move, a commercial company founded a collection society.

  • How Facebook Can Change Music Business by Streaming

    As Micah Singleton on The Verge reveals, Facebook supposedly is talking to music labels. As in major labels, that is. Key question is: What can we expect? What is it that Facebook is working on? The straightforward assumption is that it might be about (yet another) streaming service. Micah Singleton is right when he doesn’t buy into this assumption. The Verge’s sources are talking of the approach as being “unique”.

  • C3S: Creative Commons Verwertungsgesellschaft – in Gründung.

    Anlässlich der all2gethernow 2010 wurde das Modell einer Verwertungsgesellschaft für Musik unter Creative Commons Lizenzen vorgestellt – eine CC-VG, Arbeitstitel C3S. Initiiert wurde die C3S von Michael Weller, Meik Michalke, mir und weiteren Kollegen aus dem CC-Umfeld. Die Wurzeln, Beweggründe und Ideen hinter dem Projekt sind vielfältiger, als bereits dieses gemeinsame Engagement zeigt.