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  • How Artists Can Regain Control In the Post-Streaming Age

    With the streaming debate on business models and payment to artists still causing emotions to rise I am missing visionary ideas and elaborate discussions about something else: Which technology is following in the footsteps of streaming? Actually, this topic turns out to be a more than interesting one. It’s crucial to artists. Chances are the next generation of music distribution can help artists regain control over their creative output. If you want to hear more, read on and vote for my session to be included at SXSW 2016.

  • How Facebook Can Change Music Business by Streaming

    As Micah Singleton on The Verge reveals, Facebook supposedly is talking to music labels. As in major labels, that is. Key question is: What can we expect? What is it that Facebook is working on? The straightforward assumption is that it might be about (yet another) streaming service. Micah Singleton is right when he doesn’t buy into this assumption. The Verge’s sources are talking of the approach as being “unique”.

  • Foto by ESA/Hubble. Title: New stars shed light on the past.

    “SpaceNight” und Creative Commons: Wie das Zusammenspiel aussehen kann.

    Der Bayerische Rundfunk startet im Herbst wieder seine Reihe “SpaceNight”. Ein Kernstück des Re-Launchs ist die durchgängige Verwendung von Musik unter Creative-Commons-Lizenzen. Gemeinsam mit anderen Kollegen der C3S (Cultural Commons Collecting Society) hatte ich diesen Schritt als naheliegende Alternative vorgeschlagen. Hier das Konzept, wie die Zusammenarbeit aussehen könnte.

  • Mike Masnick: Business Fixed Extended Mix – Reznor v2.0

    Earlier in March, I mentioned Michael Masnick was about to hold a keynote presentation at Leadership Music Digital Summit 2009 in Nashville. He announced to update the case study on Trent Reznor (= Nine Inch Nails) he presented at Midem, which was simply brilliant. So the expectation of extending a presentation of this quality requires full attention.