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  • Re: ContentSphere Down // Editorial Message

    I sincerely like to apologize for the awkward lengthy downtimes of ContentSphere just recently. Help is on the way.

  • Oops! flattr’s deflated…

    Just noticed that flattr is down. To avoid extremely long loading I deactivated the flattr buttons until they are up again. Sorry for any inconvenience. flattr, you’d better do better.

  • AdSense vs. flattr, Ads vs. Donations – What’s Best? You Decide!

    Not long ago, ContentSphere saw a comeback of GoogleAds. I just wanted to give them a serious second try. Yet, now it gets a new twist. As you can see, I also added flattr buttons for the entire blog as well as separate ones for each entry. I’m having two additional streams of revenue. Maybe I should replace the term “streams” by “drops”. What’s the best choice to achieve better revenues?

  • More Concepts & Ideas to Collaborate With Independent Musicians and Upcoming Media Companies

    I decided to change the content design of ContentSphere quite a bit. Previously, articles have been long. Some very long. Others… well, think of the Chinese Wall. The disadvantage is, the longer the articles are the less frequent there’s a new posting.

  • All new.

    The new paradigm in distribution of media that is emerging requires the exchange of thoughts and a common effort to help it make comfortable to live with. The more people join the discussion across blogs, forums and other media, the better the result will be.