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  • a piano keyboard on the blockchain

    Music Industry — a Blockchain Model for Other Verticals

    it is important to pay attention to the Blockchain debate in music. The requirements in music industry for Blockchain are more challenging than those from other verticals. The result, in architecture and workflow modeling, could be a Blockchain model suitable for other industries. It can be a Blockchain model for verticals that are less complex yet more critical, and that are more significant in turnover.

  • Blockchain Roundtable

    Blockchain Roundtable For Music Business Launched

    Blockchain is a promising technology for music business. But instead of, or at least in addition to flooding the business with a sandbox, there has to be a space for reflection and discussion. A source of information for any stakeholder, and a contact for anyone involved to ask for features. That’s why we launched the Blockchain Roundtable.

  • Rewiring streaming architecture

    Rewiring Streaming Architecture: Tearing the Heart Out

    From a business point of view I know the obvious failures in streaming are intended to generate mass appeal. In the long term though, you won’t reach the niche audiences in the Long Tail. It is about time to rewire streaming architecture. This must go go right down to the core. Because there is one issue with streaming that doesn’t get the attention it deserves, and it’s more serious than you think. The solution however is more overwhelming than you ever dared to hope. The core of the problem is the catalogue.

  • Open source is openness: Leaving all obstacles behind

    Open Source: Into the Great Wide Open With Blockchain

    I guess there’s hardly any topic in the intersection of economics and technology that’s been discussed more than Blockchain within the last months. No question, there’s a good amount of doubt and fear going with that hype. And there’s looking forward to its open source approach.   The Dot Blockchain Project is no road block…

  • Blockchain - for good or for bad?

    What To Expect From Blockchain In Music Industries?

    Why is it that Blockchain appears to be the megastar on the roster of newcomers? I mean, look back… it is just about two years that blockchain became an insider’s tip first. For music. For Bitcoin it had been around for some time already then. Today, music conferences are chasing anyone who can spell the…

  • Calling All Creatives: Connect and Create!

    The UK will be out of the European Union, politically. That’s a fact. But let’s stop complaining here. Now is the time to prove that the European community goes way beyond politics. For me, after and whilst watching the Brexit happen it finally ignited something. I see nationalists on the rise everywhere. I’m watching the…

  • Music distribution as we know it is dead - vinyl isn't.

    Music Distribution Is Dead. What Is To Come?

    The days before, I read some interesting numbers on revenues from synchronisation. It is on the rise. Now set these numbers in relation to streaming. It tells a lot about music distribution. Actually, for some time now I am wondering what the next music distribution technology might be. Or what it may look like. There have been music…

  • TextBlade Keyboard: Relieve or Torture?

    On March 7th, I stumbled upon a report highlighting a new gadget. It was the first time I heard of WayTools’ TextBlade, a really tiny and foldable keyboard (not just) for mobile devices. I ordered it right away.

  • Bending Creativity: DIY Electronica Hardware

    I always love to visit Oliver Chesler’s blog “wire to the ear”. Better known as The Horrorist, he presents his own view on tech & gear. Which is pretty inspiring. The most current blog post features Tanner Galvin, a so called “circuit bender” from Portland, Oregon.

  • MIDEM & Nielsen Confirm the Need for Mobile Apps for Artists

    Referring to my last posting, I wrote an article for Music Think Tank: “Mobile Connect-with-Fans for DIY Artists – Why, and How?” If you needed any further confirmation – please immediately go visit Midem’s website. The Midem blog features an article on “Music mobile apps and music streaming services”, including an excellent study compiled by Nielsen for MIDEM.