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  • a piano keyboard on the blockchain

    Music Industry — a Blockchain Model for Other Verticals

    it is important to pay attention to the Blockchain debate in music. The requirements in music industry for Blockchain are more challenging than those from other verticals. The result, in architecture and workflow modeling, could be a Blockchain model suitable for other industries. It can be a Blockchain model for verticals that are less complex yet more critical, and that are more significant in turnover.

  • Blockchain Roundtable

    Blockchain Roundtable For Music Business Launched

    Blockchain is a promising technology for music business. But instead of, or at least in addition to flooding the business with a sandbox, there has to be a space for reflection and discussion. A source of information for any stakeholder, and a contact for anyone involved to ask for features. That’s why we launched the Blockchain Roundtable.

  • Rewiring streaming architecture

    Rewiring Streaming Architecture: Tearing the Heart Out

    From a business point of view I know the obvious failures in streaming are intended to generate mass appeal. In the long term though, you won’t reach the niche audiences in the Long Tail. It is about time to rewire streaming architecture. This must go go right down to the core. Because there is one issue with streaming that doesn’t get the attention it deserves, and it’s more serious than you think. The solution however is more overwhelming than you ever dared to hope. The core of the problem is the catalogue.

  • Music distribution as we know it is dead - vinyl isn't.

    Music Distribution Is Dead. What Is To Come?

    The days before, I read some interesting numbers on revenues from synchronisation. It is on the rise. Now set these numbers in relation to streaming. It tells a lot about music distribution. Actually, for some time now I am wondering what the next music distribution technology might be. Or what it may look like. There have been music…

  • A honeycomb inside: home for workers. A perfect picture of the network structure one can rely on when hiring freelancers.

    Hiring Freelancers by a Freelancers’ Network

    Freelancers are a flexible solution to extend your team. But how to find the one that matches your demand? In particular, what about quality? A network of trusted freelancers helps in hiring freelancers. Once you are satisfied with one member you can be quite sure to be satisfied with the others.

  • Musicians Can’t Cope With Their Own Business

    Whenever I’m attending any kind of music conference there’s one thing I’m curious about most: How many musicians are to be found at this event? How many of you are attending the seminars, workshops and lectures on schedule? Some events are well-attended by musicians… though the majority is not. Why?

  • MIDEM & Nielsen Confirm the Need for Mobile Apps for Artists

    Referring to my last posting, I wrote an article for Music Think Tank: “Mobile Connect-with-Fans for DIY Artists – Why, and How?” If you needed any further confirmation – please immediately go visit Midem’s website. The Midem blog features an article on “Music mobile apps and music streaming services”, including an excellent study compiled by Nielsen for MIDEM.

  • The Missing Link In Connect-with-Fans

    There are some issues about connect-with-fans strategies which are hard to solve: authenticity, marketing, creativity. There’s more like timing, choice of tools, the transition from connect-with-fans to reason-to-buy. But, just recently, I realised that there is another one. It is a crucial gap. It is what keeps DIY artists from managing the next step towards future technologies and therefore, towards new business models.

  • Why Fans Don’t Pay You – And Why They Will: Basics of Customer Relationship Success

    You might have noticed I dropped AdSense. Feels a lot better. Instead, I added a link to Dreamstime for picture licensing (check my articles, I used them more than Flickr I think). Plus, I implemented a plug-in from AdTaily. Nice one, you can have ads on your site and – even more important – you decide whether to accept or to decline.

  • Artists Can’t Maintain A Good Relationship With Fans – Or Can They? But how?

    Studying my reader this morning, there was a post at hypebot, leading me to a blog on Seattle Weekly written by John Roderick, singer for The Long Winters: “They Love You First. They Book You Shows. It Gets Complicated”. It’s about the artist/fan relationship. Does that ring a bell? Yep, in the comments to my “Ads vs. flattr” posts I mentioned another article coming up on that issue.