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  • Germany’s GEMA: Resistance is (not) futile

    There’s something going on in Germany. We already had our share of GEMA within the past few weeks (see Rapidshare and Jamendo). Read about it at ContentSphere, or do it over at TechDirt. GEMA, Germany’s only collections society, still is surprisingly entertaining (if you’re into cynism). But, there’s some uprising fresh breeze, and it’s coming from Germany’s most southward located town: Sonthofen.

  • Into the Void of Popkomm 2009: all2gethernow! aka #unkomm

    As you are reading this, it is old news that Popkomm 2009 has been cancelled. I intended to go yet I began to hesitate as soon as I read the Preliminary Programme 2009 as of 11 May. Even a preliminary program should have had more. Only two persons were actually announced to participate in panels or sessions respectively: Lawyers. Not to be disrespective, but I think it shows there’s lots of crisis.

  • More Colour To Be Added To BBC’s Project Canvas

    On 4 June, BBC Trust provided its conclusion following the first phase of consultation on Project Canvas, BBC’s joint venture with ITV and BT. Trust issued a statement that the decision on the future Project Canvas will be delayed. Hence, one issue objected by several stakeholders has been adjusted. According to the tight time schedule, the final decision was to be published on 24 July.

  • Cellonaut: On Music Industry, Self-Marketing, Financing 2.0, and Free Content

    Part 4 of the interview includes Wolfram Huschke’s answers concerning music industry, self-marketing as an artist, and the issues of financing 2.0. Aspects of the latter in particular are crowdsourcing and services like

  • Wolfram Huschke: Transcription of Interview, Pt. 1/5 (Music)

    I wasn’t surprised at all to see Wolfram Huschke grab his Cello while I set up my MacBook. As you will see, he does not let the instrument go for one second during the interview. It doesn’t fit in terms of seriousness but I can’t help thinking of a ventriloquist with his puppet. They both are one. It is one voice that talks to you.

  • BBC & Project Canvas: Will the Digital Revolution Be Televised?

    By the end of February, we had to say goodbye to BBC’s joint venture Project Kangaroo which involved ITV and Channel 4. The Competition Commission’s decision set an end to mutual plans. One obvious alternative even entered the scene before and rose to fame right afterwards: Project Canvas. BBC was about to be joined by ITV (again) and ISP British Telecom. They envisioned an open video video-on-demand solution.

  • Cellonaut: Upcoming Projects and Online Experience

    Today, it is the second and third part of my interview with Wolfram Huschke aka Cellonaut I present you with. We get to know about an interesting collaboration between Huschke and the Theatre of Trier’s ballet company. Also, it highlights the economic shortcomings of working within full band context if you are a solo artist.

  • Interview With a Cellonaut

    Wolfram Huschke speaks out on his musical influences and talks about his instruments, mainly the E-Cellos. Another subject to be covered is that of composition.

  • Introducing “Cellonaut” Wolfram Huschke: Music Online Connects

    He toured USA, South Africa and Europe and eventually charted in Belgium and Greece. Huschke supported Westernhagen, one of Germany’s most acknowledged and successful rock acts during tour playing stadiums like Munich Olympic Stadium. Also, he collaborated with Peter Hamill and Marianne Faithfull on the Huschke solo album “Alien Diary” which was produced by Hector Zazou.

  • Sing Me Any Song By Pete Doherty – Can You? (Gig Review)

    I didn’t quite know what to expect when buying my ticket. I had the Babyshambles’ Down In Albion and Shotter’s Nation playing on iTunes every now and then. The ska/reggae bits I don’t like that much, otherwise I was pleased (and curious) enough to check him out.