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  • all2gethernow 2010 wants your feedback!

    The full programme featuring seven theme tracks can still be found online. We are working on the documentation right now and got some marvellous feedback. Taking place for the second year now, the Berlin music conference has changed its face in many ways. There are some issues to work on, some new concepts to keep, and a few ideas from 2009 which should be revived.

  • all2gethernow 2010: Out Now – Free Sampler With Creative Commons Licensed Music

    For all2gethernow 2010 (a2n), I contacted a few guys from the German netlabel community plus some artists and teamed up compiling this sampler. It includes various styles of music, from electronics to singer/songwriter stuff. But, you should take a listen for yourself. It’s a treat.

  • c/o pop Cologne Goes c’n’b – Lessons To Be Learned

    This week, I’ve been to c/o pop conference, or, precisely put, I’ve been to c’n’b conference at Cologne. I absolutely have no clue why re-branding something established. Would you consider changing your domain name? It’s much easier for your audience to stick with the same name although it might not entirely match the topics you present.

  • SXSW: What’s Up The Schedule?

    Thought it might be a nice idea to post the sessions I’m most probably to attend. Though, there are some German hosted events I will have to be present. Also, you might never know who you are going to meet.

  • Bad Travel Can’t Spoil Anticipation For #SXSW and #a2n

    Know what: I f***ing hate having no web in train. For four hours. Four hours I could have been working. Ok. I give up. I’m playing around with my my cell phone now to tweet… then again – it’s no iPhone (and I really wish I would have one). But no, not available with any plan at Vodafone. So I’m still using my old Sony Ericsson P1i. 4 chars on 1 key. Great.

  • Berlin’s all2gethernow Coming To SXSW – YEEEHAW!!! #a2n

    all2gethernow 2010, which is scheduled for Sept 6th-12th, will be present at SXSW in Austin (TX). We are joining teams from Cologne, Hamburg and more peeps from Berlin. All the freshest news on Germany’s musical landscape and what you are about to expect at all2gethernow – just come over and have a chat with gorgeous Andrea Goetzke or myself.

  • Zoe.LeelA – Lush Electronic Soul From Berlin

    Sometimes, things simply happen. There are a few coincidental moments which start a whole chain of terrific encounters. Now, if this leads to discovering new music, it gets a full-fledged Mike-Masnick-“connect with fans” experience. Somewhat surreal, yet very real. That’s how I met Zoe.Leela – and her music.

  • Why Jay Frank (FutureHit.DNA/CMT) Fails: It’s Longevity That Artists Need, Not Chart Success

    Today I stumbled into Kyle Bylin’s interview with Jay Frank of Futurehit.DNA and CMT (a division of MTV Networks) at hypebot. You can download Jay’s new book “FutureHit.DNA – How The Digital Revolution Is Changing Top 10 Songs” for free on his site. There are some claims of his that I do not necessarily agree to in the way Jay puts it. It’s a bit of context that’s missing.

  • Recommended Music: “Ambient Circle” (Germany)

    Ambient Circle is a collective of various participants located in Germany’s North-Rhine area. Every now and then, they get together to play electronic music sessions. They are entirely focused on electronic ambient music, and it’s just twelve sessions they did so far. This includes public and private sessions. Here’s an intro to their music.

  • DIY-Marketing #3: Georgia Wonder Serving Fresh Ideas in Reducing Recording Cost

    Georgia Wonder is Stephanie Grant from London and Julian Moore from Portsmouth. We got to know each other via Andrew Dubber’s blog and Twitter. You’re searching for a pop/rock/folk band serving beautiful tunes and a brilliant female voice – buy their tracks. You can even choose if and how much to pay for downloads. Or you may order a physical copy.