Wolfgang Senges is an international digital strategist at the crossroads of technology, marketing, media and — most of all — MUSIC. His career is connected to the unfolding of the digital paradigm.

As a co-founder and CEO he kicked off C3S SCE to rethink collection societies in a grassroots and bootstrap effort. To pave the way for C3S, he took the lead in a crowdfunding that was to become one of Germany’s top five campaigns to that date.

Prior to that, Senges provided consulting services in Social Media, Marketing and Digital Business Strategies. He worked with artists such as Marillion, Amanda Palmer, Zoë Keating, Martin Atkins (NIN, PiL, Ministry), Oh Land, Zoe Leela and Sarah Benz. As a curator and co-head of programme he moulded music conventions all2gethernow and Berlin Music Week. Other customers include promotional service Songpier and Televisor Troika.

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Speaking Opportunities.

I’m available for speaking opportunities such as talks, panels and presentations. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • the future of music streaming and distribution
  • technology & automation in licensing
  • music and User Generated Content (UGC)
  • collection societies
  • crowdfunding
  • founding a cooperative (in particular: European Cooperative Society (SCE))
  • Creative Commons

A comprehensive list of my talks and presentations since 2009 you can find here.

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